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Enhancement Request: Configurations for User Manager/Web Security


Enhancement request:

Permit configurations to the UserManager through Web Security to allow for the same features currently available via IdentityConfig in MVC5 projects.

Creating a project with MVC5 with 'Individual User Accounts' option creates an IdentityConfig file that permits configuration of the ApplicationUserManager.

Configurations include -

1) User Data:
  • Restrictions to allowed usernames: AllowOnlyAlphanumericUserNames
  • Require unique email address: RequireUniqueEmail
2) Passwords
  • Minimum length of password: RequiredLength
  • Require non alphanumeric characters: RequireNonLetterOrDigit
  • Require at least one number/digit: RequireDigit
  • Require lowercase character/s: RequireLowercase
  • Require uppercase character/s: RequireUppercase
  • Configure Email Service (Optional as Postal serves this purpose).
  • Configure SMS Service.
  • Configure Data Protector Token.